If you have a ton of ideas in your head and you don’t know where to start, a vision for events and a thriving, or an interactive community and just can’t manage it all...

I can help.

I take on a small number of projects a year supporting other entrepreneurs in making their dreams a reality and getting in front of the right people.

Ways To Work Together:


Online Community Management

Have a community online that comments, interacts, and you want to nurture even more?

We all know that your fans should be nurtured and interacted with on consistent basis. But keeping up can be tough.

Whether it’s in a private Facebook group, your Social Media Comments, or your blog post comments, I make it my business to make sure they feel taken care of. Each and every interaction will be acknowledged and responded to - upholding your vision and your message.

Currently Booking: Communities with over 5,000 followers/members that interact daily OR Paid Program Communities that require regular engagement

Video Shoot Management

Creating a video series for your blog or launch?

I can help you create an entire calendar and build out the content from there. Coordinating with your video team, editors, and location. PLUS, I’ll be there with you on shoot day to prompt you, talk it through, or just be a sounding board so you feel at ease.

Currently Booking: Shoots Happening July 2016 or later

Event Management

My sweet spot is connecting with people - especially in person. I love the thrill of prepping for an event and managing all the moving parts - sponsors, vendors, room setup, and caring for guests during the actual event.

Starting in college, I managed events & concerts and it was my JOB to make sure our performers like Nas, Damien Marley, and Jason Mraz were happy.

If you have a vision for bringing your message to the right people in person, let’s talk about how we can make that happen.

*Please note, my event management does not involve support with actual promotion of the event and getting butts in the seats. While I can offer suggestions and resources for that - it’s best left to a marketing profesh!

Currently Booking: Events Happening July 2016 or later

A bit more about how I work:

I have experience with: Online coaching programs, Live Events, Wordpress, Squarespace, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, WordPress, Hootsuite, Facebook Groups, Disqus Comments, Asana, and Trello.

I am not: A graphic designer, developer, pseudo-CFO, Facebook Ad pro, or SEO expert. I do, however, know a ton of awesome people who are so can make all of the intros.


We’ll Probably Do Great Together If You Are:

  • Aware of the gaps in your business and how you’d like to maximize your time

  • Okay with 100% remote support (excluding LIVE events and Shoot Days)

  • Open to feedback meant to help further your vision (Ex. “Something doesn’t FEEL right about this, can we talk it through?”)

  • Structured and have a solid plan around your vision, with the awareness that it’s OKAY when things change.

  • Constantly soaking up information and maybe even changing your mind about what you believe so you can uplevel your business.


Sound Like A Fit?

If you have a project, launch, or event you need help with, reach out to set up a call here.

Rachael knows her stuff and is such a treat to work with! After patiently working through my course material with me Rachael literally came up with a whole new module and tons of ideas I hadn’t even thought of that’s going to help take my “How to use Facebook for Small Business Owners” course to the next level!
— Leo Tabibzadegen, 1000 Life Lessons
Rachael assisted at our Seduction of Spirit retreat and was excellent! Her ability to communicate with guests was great. Our events can be uncomfortable and emotional for some people and Rachael helped everyone, including international visitors, with whatever they needed and made them feel welcome. We functioned on a very tight schedule and Rachael was adaptable and efficient. She went with the flow very well and executed her responsibilities with ease.
— Wendi Cohen, The Chopra Center
Rachael is creatively brilliant in her support of business owners and entrepreneurs. She joined our team bringing enthusiasm, high energy and a commitment to timelines. The content she developed was creative, humorous, witty, pointed and heartfelt which was above and beyond expectations. Rachael’s contribution became the center of our campaign development and implementation. Look no further, you should jump at the opportunity to work with such a gifted and talented professional. She is the right person for your business!
— Marika Bethel, Glowing House