You know you need people to join your email list.

You know how you can help them.

But does creating all of the content feel overwhelming?

Not sure how to get the Free Guide written, Opt- in Copy done, or what to include in the emails so they convert into customers

With our Launch Your Leadmagnet Package we'll create a beautiful lead magnet that will attract your perfect customer, AND build an email series to pitch them your product offer.


If you're running your business online (hello...everyone?) , you've probably heard that you need to have something on your website that will capture people's email addresses. 

Something specifically laid out for your ideal customer.

Something super high value.

Something that shows your new subscriber exactly how you can help change their life.

And why YOU are the best person out there to help them. 

Because no matter what people say about your:

Social media following 

Messenger Bot Subscribers

Facebook Ads

Email is STILL the most consistent and dependable way to sell...

Whether you have online programs, events, 1:1 coaching, VIP days, or physical products that ship to someone's door.  

To celebrate the new launch of the Copy + Community, we've put together a super special offer to help you create your free opt in which will PAY FOR ITSELF AFTER 1 Sale - depending on your product price point.


"You always know what I'm trying to say and write my copy better than I could have myself" 

Katya Sarmiento



The Launch Your Leadmagnet Package Includes: 


(3) 45-Minute Calls ($750 VALUE)

    Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 4.55.13 PM.png


    1. Initial Consult after info form is submitted so we can confirm our goals for the series
    2. 1st Draft Review + Revision Call to see what works and what needs tweaking
    3. Final Revision Call to discuss final edits and next steps so you can launch confidently

    Opt In/ Leadmagnet Written (Up to 15 pages) ($1000 VALUE)

    Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 1.45.21 PM.png

    We'll showcase your expertise and build out a beautifully written guide to be used as a PDF download. This could be in the form of a mini-ebook, challenge, or even a quiz! 

    Our first call will be used to determine the best way to execute.

    Already know what you want it to be about? SWEET! We'll dive right in. 

    (3) Mock Up Options for Opt-In page copy ($500 VALUE)

    Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 1.46.36 PM.png
    • 3 Attention-Grabbing Headline Options
    • 3 Subheadline options to build interest
    • 3 "What You'll Learn" bullet points to really seal the deal
    • "Submit" button copy that will make your ideal customers take action

    Use these options to split test OR choose what feels best for you.

    Welcome Series Email Sequence ($1200 VALUE)


    This is REALLY where the magic happens. You'll walk away with emails that build on your expertise and ask your readers to DO something (book a call, reply, sign up for a webinar, enroll in an entry level product)

    You'll get: 

    • 5-7 Emails (Depending on your offer - we'll discuss strategy together)
    • To build trust + authority
    • Subscribers who turn into customers because you've shown them just how valuable you are to them

    BONUS: Sample Facebook Ad Copy ($450 Value)

    Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 2.42.30 PM.png

    A set of 3 draft options of Facebook Ad copy to run to promote your opt ins.

    Because Launch Your Leadmagnet BETA doesn't cover FB Ad strategy (or you may not run Ads), these will be rough ideas you can repurpose for anything you wish! 

    Ready to Launch Your Leadmagnet?

     Launch Your Leadmagnet is worth $3900 USD.

    Save $1000! 


    "THANK YOU - You made this fun! I was crying in my copy corner!" 

    Amber Rae


    Is the Launch Your Leadmagnet Package right for you? 

    In order For Us to work together, you MUST KNOW: 

    • Exactly what problem you're solving for your customers

    • Your target audience + avatar. (No "Everyone is my customer" please! Happy to refer you to someone who can help)

    • What you'd like your leadmagnet to be about. This can be created from old webinars, blog post combinations, old products, or we create something together. 
    • The offer your lead magnet email sequence will lead up to (invitation to a FB group, free consultation, webinar, tripwire product etc.)
    • How you're going to have the guide designed, The opt in page built, and the emails set up in your system. This Package does not include design or technical implementation. 
    • You're available for collaboration calls to discuss direction after initial drafts are submitted to you

    *NOTE: This email sequence is considered a welcome/nurture sequence - NOT a sales sequence. So, for this package, we will not be building out sales emails for an online product

    Ready to finally get your Leadmagnet + Email Series DONE so you can convert fans into customers with way less work?

    Have Questions? Shoot us a message here