Create a one-to-one experience in a one-to-many setting. 

Because without your community, you've got nothing. 


"The Bots for Business Community went from 0 members to over 10k in less than 3 months. We could have never managed everything without you and your support was a HUGE reason we were able to hit 6-figures and SELL the company in under a year." - Katya Sarmiento, former Bots for Business Co-Founder


Have a great product or service to sell?

Don't have time to keep the people in your groups engaged, make sure they're responded to quickly, AND in a way that makes everyone feel taken care of?

Do the people who bought your products end up feeling like you went MIA as soon as they handed over the cash because you're focused on the next launch?

 You sold your SUPPORT as part of your business model and your online courses or events. 

But how do you manage posting content, responding to questions, giving everyone the attention + care they deserve, while also focusing on your growth

Hiring us for Community Management means you have another YOU in your pocket. Serving the people you came here to serve.

3 support options with a 3-month minimum commitment: 

*Custom packages also available


Not Sure Which Package Is Right For You?