How do other people living the dream get so lucky? How do they have it all together all the time? What do they have that “average” people don’t?


The goal of The Ambitious 20-something Interview Series is to discuss the EMOTIONAL aspects of going after a life where you have it all - the good and the not so easy. 

Twice a month, we'll spotlights millennials who took risks to follow their dreams and also reveal where they struggle - so you can see that you’re not crazy, and that you can achieve what you want in-spite of roadblocks.  

What qualifies someone to be a part of the series?


  • They went after something they wanted (love, business, a childhood passion, hell even just a really big GOAL nobody thought they could achieve)

  • They were shit scared and tried it anyway

  • They’re willing to share what they’re currently still facing or struggle with on a regular basis

  • They failed, failed again, and found a way to maintain their ambition

  • But most importantly: Their mission is to SERVE, to LOVE, and to support other people in THRIVING


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