We Stand By 5 Truths:

  1. Energy Over Perfection. The ENERGY in your message MATTERS even more than a typo in copy OR supporting your community. (We’re serrious) Translating your energy into the right words, flow, and structure is where we help most (we’ll catch the typos, too) - but if you don't believe in what you're selling, it won't matter how well written your work is. 

  2. Polarization is a goal. The message is working when you’re afraid to press publish because you might upset someone with your opinion and expertise. You have to be willing to go there. 

  3. Transparency. No faking it till you make it in your message and community support. (In your personal affirmations - go for it!) Transparency sells more AND strengthens community trust. If you own a 6-figure business, what does that mean? Do you take home 6-figures? Did you gross 6-figures but are also multiple figures in team expenses? It’s ALL good and it sells even MORE. As long as we’re honest. 

  4. Community is transformative. And messy sometimes. Community is about navigating ALL the things. We’re loving, supportive, and hold each other to high standards because we know we can handle it and show up in our glory. We don’t avoid conflict or pretend it never happens within our communities - we use it to help communities transform.

  5. Diversity. Even though you've niched down your target market - is your overall impact reaching a diverse population? If you look around, and everyone you're talking to in life and business thinks and looks just like you - how can we shift this? We believe in expanding past the bubbles society and curated Facebook Feeds keep us in.

  6. JOY is the job. If what you’re selling and the community buying it doesn’t feel good to you overall - why are we here? There are many places in life where we have to just get the job done (hello taxes) but that shouldn't be in your business.

So, do you want to:


About Rachael, our Founder

The common thread in Rachael’s career + business life has always been people.

Communicating with them, helping them feel seen, and allowing them to express THAT thing they’re afraid to share. (Because that’s the thing that’s going to impact the right people - even if it’s only ONE)

Starting her career out of University as a Human Resources consultant, her favourite parts of the job were trainings, orientation, reviews, mediation, AND of course leading the weekly meditation sessions so people could chill TF out.

When her life lined up in such a way that led her to quit her job in HR and work Full Time as a Business Manager, Copywriter, Community Manager, Retreat Planner, AND assistant coach for a successful entrepreneur (a true right-hand-woman-magic-unicorn) - she really found her skills.

HER GIFT: Taking a jumbled mess of ideas from a visionary's head and making them translate into words + ideas that sell - and caring for people just as much as the person who owns the business.