I am a non-fiction writer and author. 

I also work with people - mostly white people - to do better when it comes to race and diversity.

By bringing awareness to the beliefs + privilege that keep us saying and doing things that marginalize people (sometimes without even realizing it) - actions, and communities, can shift.

Every day, my goal is to honor the connection to myself. 

To expand as a human being.

To see new perspectives on things that limit me & grow to be the person I came here to be. 

Ultimately, we all want to make a difference.

To help the world be a better place.

So if what I write and share can help even ONE person to understand that they should NEVER give up on what they truly want - be it art, music, being a mother, traveling the world.  

That's enough for me. With faith and inspired action, all things are possible. 


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My Official Bio:

Rachael Lynn is a creator who wants to help people understand that their dreams are valid. 

With experience in both the corporate world and the world of online entrepreneurship, she now knows there is no right or wrong path - but there ARE small, specific actions we need to take to feel fulfilled.

After helping her own clients make over half a million dollars (collectively) through online product launches + events in under two years, and learning what it means to do work aligned with your mission - she now helps individuals tap into their truth to create authentic, epic lives and businesses.

Rachael is on a mission to help young people who want MORE out of life create play and creativity where they believe none exists. Aiming to help stop young people from getting trapped in the pressure of “following their passion”, those inspired by Rachael build lives full of joy, love, and freedom - plus the money to pay the bills.  

Rachael has been featured on Elite Daily, Her Future, and Loren’s World, among others. For weekly inspiration only shared to her community, visit livingambitiously.com